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  • Junior Event Fundraiser

    We seek Junior Event Fundraisers to ensure the completion of a new and ambitious fundraising strategy while working to diversify our income streams and develop the Trusts and Foundations. The selected candidate will work closely with the Fundraising and Development Manager.
    An individual would also be responsible for building good relationships with prospective donors and clients across multiple sectors. They would be a part of the event setup and be accountable for its teardown too.
    Salary Range: $12/hour

  • Senior Event Fundraiser

    We are looking for a driven Professional Fundraiser to raise funds for the organization. The Fundraiser's duties involve developing fundraising programs, enlisting sponsors and volunteers, and encouraging support through promotional activities. You should also create and manage professional relationships.
    To thrive as a Senior Event Fundraiser, should show excellent written and verbal communication skills, plus strong leadership qualities. Ultimately, a top-notch Fundraiser should function under pressure, possess exceptional organizational and presentation skills. Once hired, we will allow 2-4 weeks to gain consistency in meeting the charity's goals and expectations.
    Length of Role: 2-4 weeks
    Salary Range: $650/week

  • Senior Team Manager

    We are looking for excellent senior team managers to conduct training at events and meet the charity's goals and expectations. They would conduct high-quality training while ensuring it is in line with our organizational mission and policies. As a Team manager, they will deliver training that meets the needs of a diverse group of people.
    As a successful Senior Team Manager, they will be responsible for managing logistics for a smooth and effective training delivery for each event. We require our Senior Team Managers to be flexible, proactive and committed to reflective practice.
    Length of a role: 16 weeks
    Salary range: $800/week

  • Charity Regional Director

    We are searching for a skilled Charity Regional Director with exceptional leadership skills and networking abilities. The Charity Regional Director is responsible for communicating with the broader public and internal teams, delegating tasks, and drawing up plans to meet annual targets. People who we have seen succeed in this role are well organized, proactive and inspire those around them.
    To be successful as a Charity Regional Director, someone should be comfortable researching different sectors. An individual in this role would be overseeing 2-3 events independently. A great Charity Regional Director should have sharp public speaking skills and deliver presentations to a range of audiences.
    Salary range: $1200-1800/week

Event Fundraiser Opportunities

A career with Mission Partnerships is all about being part of a tight-knit, enthusiastic and supportive team of really skilled individuals. So we don't ask people you to 'fill a vacancy' or 'do a function.' Far from it, we want them to make the role their own and add to this thriving organization by bringing their personality and passion to it, along with their abilities and knowledge. Please submit resumes here, and one of our team members will be sure to get in touch with you soon.

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